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Emergency Care for Pets

Providing urgent care to pets when they need it most.

Port Elgin Veterinary Clinic is well-equipped to provide emergency care to pets during work hours. We hope your pet never needs urgent care, but we know an accident or situation could arise anytime. If your pet needs emergency services outside our opening hours, we provide them by working with local clinics on a shared rotation. If you have an emergency, please call us at 519-389-2020 to reach the on-call veterinarian.

What situations need emergency care?

If your loyal companion is experiencing any of these symptoms, they need veterinary care immediately:

  1.  Swallowed objects or toxic substances
  2.  Choking
  3.  Bleeding 
  4.  Retching with no vomit
  5.  Wincing from pain
  6.  Seizures
  7.  Vomiting
  8.  Diarrhea
  9.  Fainting 
  10.  Lameness or inability to walk


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