Dr. Chris Heagle


Dr. Chris Heagle
Dr. Chris Heagle Veterinarian

Dr. Chris Heagle graduated from OVC in 1989. She moved to the area and joined PEVC in 2014. Chris shares her country home with her husband and fur babies.

Stewie, the Bichon Frisee, was adopted at 8 months of age. She had several behavioural challenges, but with time, love and lots of rules she has become a wonderful pet. She is a tomboy and is rarely as white as she is in this photo. Her nicknames are "Powder Puff" and "Miss Bossy".

Jinni is a beautiful Shar Pei girl and just 10 months old in this photo. She and Stewie are best friends. Her nickname is "Baby Walrus". Both girls are full of energy, love to wrestle and of course cuddle on the couch with their humans.

Dr. Heagle and her husband love to be outdoors and spend their holidays on Vancouver Island, hiking and site seeing with family. They own a property and plan to retire in the Victoria area.