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 Flea and heartworm prevention medication is given once
   monthly during heartworm and flea season to prevent your
   puppy from becoming infected by these parasites. Because
   your puppy is growing we may need to see them for regular
   weigh in appointments to properly dose the medication.
   Depending on your dog’s lifestyle heartworm testing may
   need to be done yearly or every other year to ensure no
   transmission has taken place.

 Diet is an important part of a puppy’s physical development.
   Feeding a properly balanced development diet in the right
   amount for the appropriate amount of time is critical for
   proper and healthy growth. Puppies should be fed 3 meals a
   day up until they are spayed or neutered. Our staff will
   recommend an appropriate diet for your puppy as well as
   recommendations for an appropriate diet as your dog
   matures through different life stages.

 Spaying/Neutering at 5-6 months of age is what is

 Training is an important part of the behavioral development
   of your puppy. It is important to maintain consistency with
   your training methods so good communication between family
   members is important to make sure the same training
   techniques are being used by everyone. Puppy classes are a
   fun way for your family to get a good start on some basic
   training techniques but to also socialize your puppy with
   other puppies and people.

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