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Services We Offer

Physical Examinations – our examinations are thorough and are tailored to the individual breed, age and lifestyle of the pets we examine.

Vaccinations – individual vaccination protocols for pets are made to fit lifestyle and potential exposure to disease.

Puppy and Kitten Health Care – includes vaccination, nutrition, parasite treatment and control, behavior and spay/neuter recommendations.

Senior Health Care – aging is not a disease and proper monitoring and health care for the senior pet enhances longevity.

Weight Loss Programs – individualized weight loss programs for the overweight pet.

Surgery – modern surgical suite and anesthetic equipment with complete monitoring and comprehensive pain management for spay/neuter, general and orthopedic surgery.

Dentistry – we provide a full range of dental services including prophylaxis, extractions, oral surgery, orthodontics and dental x-rays.

Diagnostic Services and Imaging – in-house laboratory and trained technicians for cytology, hematology, serum chemistry and urinalysis. A commercial veterinary lab is used for specialized diagnostics and consultations. Our x-ray suite is efficient and modern.

Pharmacy – we maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals for our patients.


Diets – we are proud of our advanced nutrition training and can recommend the diet best suited for your pet's life stage or medical condition.

Flea and Parasite Prevention Programs – safe and effective products are available and recommended according to the individual needs of pets and their families.

Microchip Pet Identification – a safe and easy way to assure your pet is never lost.

Emergency Services – available on a 24 basis. After hours our answering service takes necessary information and then immediately contacts the doctor on call.

To learn more about our services or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

We would be happy to provide more information.